Storing your Sourdough

How long will my Rüdi's sourdough loaves last? 
Rüdi's sourdough has a great lifetime. Fermentation acts as a (natural) preservative, with the enzymes and bacteria helping to keep your bread stay fresh for around 7 days (if it not longer!).
Loaves: we recommend sandwiches on days 1-2, then toast for the rest of the week.
Ciabatta, Focaccia & Baguettes: best fresh on day 1, then toast, or spritz with a little water and re-heat in the oven to refresh on days 2-4.

Tips for storing my bread
Store in a cool, dry place away from excess heat, moisture and air. Pantries are normally good for this.  

1.) Paper bag, bread bag or breadbox
You can store your loaf the the paper bag it comes in when purchased. Easy! 
A fabric bread bag, or a breadbox are also good options. They all help regulate moisture and air circulation. Without them your bread will dry out and go stale much quicker.
Paper or fabric bags are more breathable than plastic, which with warmth and humidity can promote the growth of mould.

2) Freeze
Fresh bread can be frozen whole, as half loaves, or cut into slices. For bread slices, stack in a Tupperware container or use zip-lock bags. Parchment paper can be placed in between layers to prevent sticking.
This is a great option if you're a 'toast for breakfast' type of person or unlikely to go through your loaf in the week from buying. Frozen bread can stay fresh for up to 3 months or longer.